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I want to personally thank you for stopping by, checking out my music, and allowing me to share my passion with you. There is a passage in the Bible, I Peter 3:8&9 where it says that God gives a blessing to us just for being kind to each other. That’s not always easy to do! I love to empower women and men through teaching about the differences between our genders. As we recognize what comes naturally for each gender and what is challenging, then loving, respecting and being kind to each other gets a whole lot easier.

That’s awesome but it’s not even my favorite part. There is a natural segue between studying gender distinctions and growing closer to God. We have been made in the image of God and it is through our gender that His image is displayed. The God-like qualities we see, experience and are attracted to in our partners, are actual reflections of who God is.

This keeps me writing music and gives me something to sing about!




The Ain’t I A Woman? Live Event/Photo Shoot Inspires The “Real Women” Models!

The Ain’t I A Woman? Live Event photo shoot and video run through at Summit Christian Church was gorgeous! Kimberly is now ready to bring this event to empower your women’s group. The real women models arrived in their own clothes with their makeup and hair done. There were smiles all around when CAbi stylist, Leesa Gressitt gave them their beautiful CAbi clothes for the afternoon with the identity of the Biblical heroine they would portray. The models were briefly instructed in the art of the catwalk and they learned simple choreography to the song, Ain’t I A Woman?. Their performance was inspiring to all!

To see what the real women models shared about their experience and find out more:

“Once we begin to understand and see the divine ways men are wired differently than us, we stop ascribing meaning to their actions as if they were women. This first guess has caused more pain than we know. A “SECOND-GUESSER” is someone who knows to ask the question, ‘How might this look differently from a man’s point of view?’ By doing this, we are creating connections of respect, ease and genuine friendship with the men in our lives.” -Kimberly Cummins



Kimberly Speaks on Men, Women and Relationships

Kimberly has a kind and playful way of shedding light on many mysteries between the sexes. Both sides come out winning as she shares the good, God-designed reasons we are the way we are. She speaks to women only audiences, men only audiences, and co-ed audiences. Co-ed audiences offer something impacting the other two can’t; an instant panel. Men and women benefit from hearing responses to Kimberly’s teaching that validates their experiences and enhances learning. Plus it’s a lot of fun.

Many of Kimberly’s most loved speaking topics come from PAX Inc., founded by Alison Armstrong. Kim has been a Community Educator to the PAX Christian Community which she co-founded. Listening to Learn, The Affects of Attraction, and Opinions and Feelings are requested favorites.

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