Kimberly’s Story

Kimberly Cummins is known for her eye-opening, mystery revealing messages on relationships along with her original music that stirs the soul. She has a warm, engaging style that leaves her audiences feeling like they’ve found a new best friend. She has written and released 2 albums and has been sharing her music, weaving it into her messages of love and respect for over a decade .

Kimberly knows what it’s like to get herself up after a big fall, to inch her way from the back pew of the church, and to return into the grace, forgiveness and healing love of God. She is passionate about empowering women who may have lost sight of their God-calling. She blends music, storytelling and fashion in the Ain’t I A Woman? Live Event, taking it on the road and making it available to women’s groups around the region and beyond.

Kimberly currently serves as a Community Educator for PAX Programs Inc. and brings many of their topics on gender distinctions, to the Christian community. She co-founded the Orange County PAX Christian Community in 2012 and has been teaching and leading enlivening discussions for the group ever since. Kimberly is a frequent speaker/workshop leader at year-round So Cal Christian Singles retreats. She continues to be available on a select basis for speaking, retreat and seminar facilitation, special music, concerts, worship leading and for her signature community building events.

In addition to her busy speaking schedule, Kimberly has been teaching middle school History for the past 22 years and earned a graduate degree in Instructional Leadership from National University. Kimberly’s graduate research paper was titled, Teaching About Religion in Public Schools and she has been called on to share her faith-friendly findings within the Christian community as well as with her colleagues.

Kimberly recently moved to Dana Point, CA and calls her little cottage with a nice slice of ocean view and a short walk to the beach, home. She is anticipating the sound of baby giggles as her son, Christian and daughter-in-law, Emily are expecting her first grandson, Joseph.

Others Words About Kimberly:

“In this world where so much of what we see and hear is negative, immoral, condescending, complaining and disparaging, it’s great to know there are people like Kim. In the two decades that I have known her, she has held strong through some of life’s toughest challenges. She has held her head high and somehow, managed to keep her beautiful smile fixed during times when there was no “natural” reason she should be smiling. But the real truth is, Kim has a connection to a very powerful Source of strength and joy, and that Source has enabled her to do things that some would consider impossible. And what really is impressive, her heart shines brightly, joyfully and beautifully, day in and day out. Always shining. I have had the pleasure of hearing her live many times, and I believe I have all of her recordings. She always inspires, encourages and gives my soul a lift. You see, her strength and her joy are contagious. Yes, this is a crazy world, but I am thankful for Kim’s smile, her song and her radiant heart. She is truly a light in a dark place.”~CJ Orndorff III,Founder at 2nd CHANCE Outreach Ministries

“Kim Cummins makes an impact on audiences that packs a reality punch in her teaching on relationships and gender distinctions. My own life has been changed by her message and music, besides the hundreds that have heard her teach through our singles ministry.Kim has been speaking at Single+Passion Ministries retreats and relationship singles conferences for six years sharing her life-changing teaching and performing her own songs. She is well received and loved by men and women. She also has sung on the worship team at many of the singles retreats we host. I would highly encourage your singles ministry, retreat or gathering to have Kim come and be apart of it.”~ Laurie Jepsen, Founder of Single+Passion Ministries

“I met Kim almost twenty years ago at what is now Summit Christian Church in San Marcos. She was a singer on the worship/praise team that I led with my wife, Heather. She was a very valuable asset to us in that she could hang onto harmonies so well. Kim is one of those people in my life who unknowingly either boosted my life or set it off in a better direction. I tell folks she’s one of my favorite people!! She’s smart, thoughtful, and just beautiful on the inside too.”~Terence Cooper,  Worship Leader, North Coast Church, Vista CA

“Kim is one of the most inspirational Christians I know. Her faith is simple, true and very powerful. Kim is a humble woman that models well Jesus’ love and servant attitude. Kim is on a quest to share the truth, love and freedom that she has found in her relationship with God.” ~Dr. Angie Mays, Professor of Leadership, Trinity Western University, Vancouver CA

“I was amazed the first time I heard Kim speak!  By the end of the day I was thinking, ‘I so wish I would have known this stuff 20 years ago.’ Little did I know that one day I would partner with Kim to start the PAX Christian Community of Orange County. Now going on our 4th year working together, Kim has made such a difference in the lives and relationships of our community group. Kim is highly talented, and her unique teaching style comes across with depth that is captivating. She connects with authentic compassion of understanding, and for those who ask personal questions, she gives insightful answers that leaves them with an, ‘Oh I get it now feeling’”  – Dan Shea, co-founder PAX Christian Community, Newport Beach

“Over the process of many years, I can see the hand of God in Kim’s life preparing her to express His love through her music. He has taken her through life’s deserts and over mountains of adversity. Her commitment to Him and call on her life has brought her to where she is today. She has sown countless hours writing songs, faithfully developing her character and gifts. Pressing through the box and obstacles in her path, she broke forth beaming with life and today we get to enjoy the bountiful harvest of the fruit of her labors.” ~Pastor Daniel Jones, Summit Christian Church, San Marcos, CA

“For the two years prior to meeting Kimberly I had gone through a lot in my life, the most devastating was the loss of the most wonderful person I had ever known, my mother. I was having trouble dealing with this loss and was devastated to the point I was questioning my faith. I had known Kimberly for just a few months when I was introduced to her music through her CD’s. I put the first CD, Winter Wheat, in my car’s CD player, and in listening to the very first song, I was instantly moved to the point that I had to pull over on Pacific Coast Highway to listen to her words more closely. I was pulled over for at least an hour listening to Kim’s music. Her admirable faith came through so strong in her music that it literally brought me to tears. In all the years of Sunday School as a kid and hearing the sermons my grandfather preached, who was a dynamic speaker and Pastor for Oral Roberts, I had never truly felt God’s presence until that night. I felt her strong faith in God like never before. It rekindled my own faith in God!”  ~Jeff DeWeese, President, Valley Construction

Kimberly’s Previous Solo Singing/Speaking Engagements:

Rolling Hills Covenant Church, Rollling Hills, CA

PAX Christian Community, Orange County, CA (Teaching/Leading 3 years running)

PAX Christian Community, North San Diego County/Inland Empire, CA

North Coast Church Singles Seminar, Vista, CA

North Coast Calvary Chapel Christian Singles, Carlsbad, CA

Mariners Church, Making Sense of Men Seminar, Irvine, CA

SoCal Singles Retreats 2014, 2015

SoCal Summerfests 2013, 2014

Single Passion Winter Retreat, Lake Arrowhead, 2012

Temecula Coffee House, Temecula, CA

Redlands Trinity Church Singles Conference

Single Passion Seminar Series with Blaine Carman, Temecula, CA

Loaves and Fishes Bookstore, Vista, CA

Summit Christian Church, San Marcos, CA

Rose Drive Friends Church, Placentia, CA

Wounded Warriors Retreat Keynote Speaker, San Diego, CA

Elsinore First Assemble, Lake Elsinore, CA

First Baptist Church, Lake Elsinore, CA

San Diego Rescue Mission with 2nd Chance

North Coast Hospice, Green Oaks Ranch Retreat, Vista, CA

Storm Stadium, Wave of Worship, Lake Elsinore, CA

Melodyland Gospel Music Night, Anaheim, CA

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