Kimberly’s Speaking

Kimberly’s speaking events are known for “aha” moments, gasps of surprise and lots of laughter. Through stories of her own and drawing on examples from the hundreds of people she has interviewed, Kimberly warmly connects with her audience. She is well-studied and able to field her audience’s questions as well as lead them in vibrant discussion. Her message inspires hope and possibility as she sheds light on the mysteries between men and women. Participants at her seminars leave inspired ​and equipped​ with practical tools to infuse their relationships with love, respect and renewed appreciation.Kimberly’s presentations tend to be very flexible and tailor-made for each group. Most of her topics can be focused towards any of the following: co-ed audiences, women, men, young adults, or seekers.

Kimberly is equally effective as a speaker, concert performer and scaled down worship leader. Depending on your needs, she can craft sessions that blend speaking and music together, or provide just one of those components. Kimberly can present 2-­5 sessions on a topic for a multi­-day event. Kimberly is also available for single evening (or day) events as well.

Kimberly’s Topics Include:

  • Listening to Learn
  • Feelings and Opinions
  • The Effects of Attraction
  • Making Plans With A Man
  • Criticism and The Appreciation Equation
  • The Sweet Spot in Submission
  • The Stages of Development of Men
  • Lectio Divina Studies
  • Provider/Protector and Supporter/Adapter
  • Objectification and Emasculation
  • The Five Modes of Partnerships
  • The Gifts In Feminine Archetypes
  • The Good News About Marriage For Singles!
  • The Secrets of Highly Happy Relationships
  • Connecting Spiritually in Relationships
  • Becoming a Blended Family
  • The Important Role of Safety in Relationships
  • InSync With The Opposite Sex
  • Understanding Women
  • Single Focus and Diffuse Awareness
  • Leadership From the Masculine and Feminine
  • Ask, Insist, Demand, Enforce, A.I.D.E.
  • Noble Healing


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Into Everything

Into Everything:I love the old classic Christian devotional, God Calling, Edited by A.J. Russell. Each day contains beautiful conversational style writings that two elderly women friends were inspired to write down during their prayer time. Here is the entry that moved me and inspired this song: “My children, I am here, your waiting Lord, ready at your call. I am among you as one who serves, meek and holy, ready to be used and commanded. Remember that service is the finest quality of greatness. I, who could command a universe, await the commands of my children. Bring Me into everything.”

What people are saying about Into Everything:

“I have been a big fan of Kimberly’s music since I first heard ‘Winter Wheat’ several years ago. In this newer work, ‘Into Everything’, I sense Kimberly is experiencing a time of personal empowerment to follow her dreams. The result is an album of encouraging anthems that are infectious, often high energy, while still keeping with her signature depth of lyrics and introspection. My favorite, is ‘Something You Should Know About Me’ which beautifully puts into music the heart’s desire of every woman, to be known and valued for all she brings into her relationships. I highly recommend this recording!” –Joy Berry, The Inventor of Self-help Books for Kids, selling 85 million copies accumulatively from her 200 authored books.

Winter Wheat

Winter Wheat: ​Our heart’s desire… love that comes up springing green even after a cold dark winter. I was praying and fasting for a title song that would set the tone for the album. Up sprang Winter Wheat, inspired by an old novel of the same name. Recording the vocals was one of the best experiences. No coaching needed. It was so on my heart that on the first full warm­up take we got our vocals. I remember seeing Roy’s surprised face looking out of the control room halfway through the song and I knew this was going to be a special take.

What people are saying about WINTER WHEAT:

“‘Winter Wheat’ is a beautiful blend of pop/folk songs with inspiring lyrics of Kim’s love, trust and zeal for God. I would recommend this CD to everyone.”

-Pastor Andy Jones

“New, fresh, easy listening. Music to think by. Folk. Soothing, real, relatable.” -Debbie Odash, Summit Women’s Ministry 

“‘Sweet is the breeze that blows from heaven’  … thoughtful lyrics, well-done, touching words and music.” -Cathy Moshos